Letter 4

Hi Alanna,

I like the story of the adventurer who made his own breath-cave. I did a project for uni a few years ago where I breathed through a plastic tube into a ziplock bag, collecting the moisture of my breathing.

Regarding format: I got a new computer with Office 2013 on it, which has resulted in me discovering OneNote. I like it as a format for arranging ideas and objects, because it’s essentially just an undefined field – you can put anything anywhere, like an actual piece of paper. I like the idea of a format that becomes defined as it is used, rather than prior to use. It may not be feasible in practice, though.

The word ‘delirious’ is derived from the Indo-European root ‘leis’, which is also the root of words like ‘lore’, ‘learn’, ‘track’, ‘trail’, ‘footprint’, ‘path’, and ‘furrow’. To be delirious is to be off-track, away from a known path, unknown, untraced. On a ground that has yet to be defined, failure and pointlessness loom bigger. Without a line to follow, sometimes one notices more things than can be readily placed within a system. With no system, there is no point, but only field. Without a furrow to sow, anything could spring up anywhere. It is usual (but not necessarily correct) to assume that system and dependable harvest were the original goals. These are some thoughts I have had about failure and pointlessness.

I find talking with you helpful as well. I am glad to be discussing these things.

I will look forward to receiving your artwork. I went to the post office on my birthday to collect a package, and the post office man sang me Happy Birthday. He tried to make his colleague and the other customer join in, but they were less enthusiastic.


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