Letter 1

Dear Katherine,

“Ideas are easy to come by; reduction to practice is an arduous and inspirationally rewarding matter”- Buckminster Fuller

I have these impulses, these sparks of ideas, the lit up light bulbs that bubble up & for that moment I am like;

‘yes, that’s awesome, what a great idea, it has to happen. Now.’

I have a lot of these, usually they come in the morning & are heavily connected to my coffee consumption. The flip side of this optimistic imagining is the downhill slope of the same feeling – where I think of the potential difficulties of said idea, where I begin to elaborate in my mind upon the futility of life and all my endeavours within it.

Amongst this roller coaster some ideas, due to persistence or obligation do come to fruition. Perhaps there are no good or bad ideas, just the ideas that become things & the ideas that remain ideas. Or perhaps some ideas are more beautiful as notions & thoughts inside the thinkers head. I had a friend who understood deeply the beauty and power of ideas divorced from a physical reality & he would spin stories between us making the world fuller, more colourful, he made shapes with words & pauses.

This morning I woke up strangely early for me at 6:30 – I made the mistake of checking Facebook as my first activity and while scrolling down that page of horrific stories about the behaviour of the government of this country in which I live, I felt as though my throat was being stuffed full of dirty paper, a sort of choking feeling, claustrophobia, anxiety. I thought, perhaps I should be ignoring all these words (that although important colour my waking life with a debilitating cloud of concern), I thought, do I as an attempted ethical human being have to be carrying these problems with me at all times? What about the reality of my day to day experience? The faces I see, the air that moves around me, the graduations of light, the tree. How can I think of battling a government, all their money, their strangled power? I can’t even pay the driving fine I got for a trifling affair, I’ll be paying it in instalments for months.

Buckminster Fuller sought to address issues of resource shortages in our world. Shortages that are not related to the actual abundance & scarcity but instead related to the wrangling for power by those in power & the running of the world’s government  by corporate interest. At 32 he was penniless, but through a frame of custom made self-disciplines, re-approached his life and achieved an extraordinary amount, he visioned practical solutions… Yet still we live in a world run by the principles he abhorred.

One of my ideas this morning was that we should run a blog together. One week I can write a post & the next week you. They could be letters to one another or the world. They can address immediate and not so immediate concerns. They can be a repository for all these feelings of issue. We can create something with our ideas- a conversation. It would be a good way to establish a steady dialogue – it has potential to broaden and bring in new contributors. We can use what we have, our voices, our intuitions, our reflections to create an imprint however small on the world. The project can evolve.

What do you think about such a thing? If nothing else it would be a great way to write on a regular basis and flex those particular mind muscles. Are blogs still current? I’m not even sure… This particular idea could become a flexing thing and inhabit the world.



Bucky Fuller