Letter 3

Hi Katherine,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I had an idea for the title of our blog “Serious Talks” – I remembered you suggested a while back that we meet for “serious talks” and I found the phrase amusing. Do you think it would be funny? Or too ironic & self deprecating? Maybe if we wrote SERIOUS TALKS in capitals people would understand that we really do intend to have SERIOUS TALKS.

I feel that our first 2 emails could be the beginning of the blog. I’m happy to play around on wordpress – or if you have ideas you could play around – I was thinking perhaps a super simple layout – although I’d love it if the blog could become a rich archive of thoughts and references (by that I mean it would be good if the layout encouraged search by topic etc) – does that make sense?

It occurred to me also that this (as many of my projects are) is a somewhat hermetic project – a hermetic dialogue between 2 people – the most important thing is what we generate between us & we don’t have to write for anyone else but ourselves – (like the Antarctic adventurer who once lived in an ice cave that had been made from his own frozen breath) the freedom of this, to me, relates to pointlessness & failure in that this blog may or may not have any audience! I too am very interested in the ideas of pointlessness and failure & would love to discuss it further with you.

Mainly I want to say that art & life can become a confusing set of obligations and influences and that it’s important to engage with things and people that help you feel most yourself. You are one of few people I feel I can have SERIOUS and valuable talks with, as I feel that we have a mutually helpful way of thinking about the world – Our discussions will be a very valuable thing for me to extend & elaborate my thinking on a range of topics…

So next step is to make our platform!

Oh and happy birthday!

I will post your artwork

Today in honour!